Jewellery, a symbol of style, uniqueness, and exuberance. Accessories are a way to spice up your outfit and give it a fresh outlook. They are fancy, fashionable, and extravagant. Unlike old times women today, look forward to adding jewellery to their daily ensemble. They love the way some minuscule pieces add volume and character to their attire.

Variety is a pivotal point in owning a jewellery piece. Necklaces, earrings, bangles are some evergreen and trendy accessories.

We’ve listed 4 jewellery pieces that you must own to be accessory-ready for any occasion.


Bangles are one of the oldest and the most significant pieces of jewellery in Indian culture and tradition. Bangles vary in style and creation in different parts of India. We have Pichodi adorned by floral or animal figures or religious motifs worn by Maharashtrian brides. On the other hand, we have Pacheli bangles, also known as Gokhru, representing the vibrant Rajasthani cultural jewellery. Havalla Kattu is another variety of bangles representing the Manglorean culture; these are made of coral beads and golden flowers intertwined with each other. Some other types are Kangan, Pahunchi, Gaira, Patri, Bartana, and Dastband. An accessory that is enormously popular in India and often loaded with spiritual and cultural significance makes bangles a must-have.

Cocktail Ring

Talking of rings, all that comes to our mind is a wedding or an engagement ring. However, a cocktail ring can be owned by anyone and everyone. A large gemstone coloured or clear creates a dramatic effect around the attire you don for a party or an occasion.

The choice of such beautiful pieces of jewellery creates a style statement and speaks volumes about your persona. You can choose from a sophisticated vintage ring, a chunky over-the-top, a slender one, or a  geometric one. The charms of a cocktail ring are what make it a must-have.


Earrings illuminate the face, making women look pretty, fashionable, and trendy. There is a colossal range of designs and patterns to suit the needs of different skin tones and facial structures. One such is the chandelier earrings.

As the name suggests, Chandelier earrings depict the look of a chandelier and transfuse the same effect. Chandelier earrings are meant to illuminate your face with a bright, colourful design made with gemstones and pearls. They have an incredible impact on your appearance and persona. They never go out of style, and that’s why you must own at least one pair of these to stand out. Chandelier earrings are available in all the options one can think of, such as pearls, gemstones, beads. They always look stunning and versatile, not only with any of your ethnic outfits but also with many modern outfits like jeans, leather jackets, skirts, etc.


Necklaces are a centre point of any attire. Necklaces draw the most attention, and it adds a lot of drama and glamour to your look. You have a magnificent range of designs and patterns of necklaces to choose from. Choker is a must-have of all of them. Choker necklaces have always been a significant necklace style for ethnic Indian jewellery. You can team them up with strapless necklines, deep neck blouses with lehengas, and pull up a spectacular look. They enhance the look of some western outfits like gowns, jeans paired with V-neck blouses, and more. Giving it a classic Indo-western look. 


Bracelet and Kada are a variation of bangles, evolved to cater to the needs of a no watch or no bangle person. It is traditionally considered for married women not to be barehanded; bracelets and Kada come to the rescue for those who wish to keep up the trend game and the traditional norm. You can go mod and imperial by adorning Kada or cuffs or pick up a chunky fashion bracelet bejewelled with semi-precious stones.


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