As a medical student and profoundly determined to become a doctor our founder Mr. Ajay Talla could not make it to the medical entrance just by a small fractional difference. The remarkable resilience in this young boy made him start a small business with his father’s help  and thereon relentlessly worked with a sole intention of earning the goodwill of the people and earning a reputation. The small shop he started years back in 1986 is today one of the best known jewellery stores in the market. Indeed his journey is a testimony to the fact that sometimes what we choose for us is not what is best for us. Trust the god and do the right has always been his guiding principle. His love for innovation and intricate craftsmanship  has made the brand Talla Jewellers as people’s top of the mind choice. 

Carrying on the legacy of his dear father, Mr. Aman Talla, who also aspired to be an IITian and pursue engineering was insisted by family to pursue his family business instead. And today, it is his committed dedication that the brand has grown exponentially and has become a powerful valuable name in the J&K’s jewellery market. He has contributed a lot towards making the business organized and giving an unforgettable experience to every customer visiting us. The brand works towards not just delivering a quintessential service, but also towards building a family of ecstatic and convinced customers. Happy customers make us happy and satisfied customers make us even happier.  

Committed to the  priority of customer requirements and their satisfaction, we have a happy satisfied family of more than 2lakh 15 thousand customers.

Over these 3 decades of customer service, we claim with pride that what we have won truly is our customers’ trust and we are committed to winning it over and over again  for a lifetime.