Diamond or Gold

What to Wear Diamond Jewellery v/s Gold Jewellery

When to Wear Diamond Jewellery

1. If you want to go minimal on your big day

Every bride has her own imagination as to how she wants to look on her big day. Some like elaborate outfits, heavy jewellery, and dramatic makeup, while others prefer elegant outfits with dainty jewellery and classic makeup. If you’re the latter as a bride, then we’d say that you should stick to diamond jewellery as they tend to look classier for your dream wedding.

2. If Indo-western wedding outfits are your calling

For those who love the indo-western outfits, the unusual cuts, and the new age patterns in your outfit, diamond jewellery is your calling. With the stylish designs available in your gown and lehengas, the diamond jewellery works seamlessly without making your look seem traditional. 


3. If you love contemporary jewellery designs

With gazillion jewellery designs in front of you, making a choice can be extremely difficult. So you must know what is that you want in your wedding jewellery. If a contemporary jewellery design that is delicate yet statement-making is what you want, then diamond jewellery is what you must consider wearing for your wedding functions. 


4. If light earrings are your wedding daydream

Everyone knows that earrings are a real pain for brides, especially when they’re wearing heavy designs every day continuously. So if you’re a bride enjoying the idea of light but eye-catching earring design that looks flawless and yet keeps you comfortable, opt for diamond jewellery and give yourself a treat.




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When to Wear Gold Jewellery

1. If layering multiple necklaces is your idea for the big day

Suppose you’re a bride that loves the idea of layering necklaces on the wedding day and going all-in with their wedding jewellery. In that case, we’d suggest you pick gold jewellery over the contemporary diamond necklace designs. 


2. If Traditional Designs are Your Calling

While we love both traditional and modern jewellery, we understand that some brides love opting for a classic wedding look and embrace the richness of heritage designs. If you’re a bride who feels the same way and loves traditional Jadau Necklace or temple jewellery, then gold jewellery should be your preference. 


3. If opting for traditional fabrics and designs

While both gold jewellery and diamond jewellery work beautifully with Indian attires, when it comes to conventional materials like Bandhani Print, Patola, or even Bandhani, gold jewellery has a slight edge over diamonds. They flatter your outfit more than diamond jewellery and which is why you must opt for gold jewellery in that case.


4. If bold and heavy earring design is your pick

While diamond earrings look beautiful, too, more often than not, they cannot be as elaborate or solemn as gold earrings. So if you’re a bride that loves heavy and bold earrings that catch all the attention on your face, pick gold jewellery designs and save yourself from the hassle of getting it right with diamonds. 


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Final Thoughts

Both gold jewellery and diamond jewellery work their charm on the big day, and while what to wear when is the biggest question in every bride’s mind, do not let it overpower your choice of outfit style and design. Refer to these simple tips above to know what works best for you. 

Tell us in the comments if you know more ways to figure what to wear between gold jewellery vs. diamond jewellery.

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